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Motorcycle Accidents

Sadly, there are many people who seem to feel that because someone drives a motorcycle, they do not deserve the same protection and compensation allowed by law as drivers of other vehicles receive. This point of view is simply unacceptable. Motorcycle drivers are absolutely entitled to the same protections and should have the same right of recovery as vehicle drivers.

A Complex Area of Law

Due to the challenges unique to operating a motorcycle, these cases are often more complex than typical motor vehicle accident claims. A motorcycle driver must make several important split-second decisions in the face of a motorcycle accident. While the driver of a car must simply slam on the brakes, a motorcycle driver must decide whether it is best to brake, swerve, or brake and swerve. In evaluating these options, the motorcycle driver must also factor in the trajectory of the other vehicles involved as well as any other obstacles along the road that may impact the situation. Unfortunately, these challenges are rarely considered in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident.

Also, in many situations a “near miss” for the vehicle still results in a devastating crash for the motorcycle. Cars are often aggressive when sharing the road with motorcycles, and in many cases refuse to yield the right of way at an intersection or cut off a motorcycle when changing lanes. When swerving to avoid a car that did not respect a motorcycle’s right of way, it is common for the motorcycle driver to sustain serious injuries despite avoiding the other vehicle.

These factors can make proving fault in your motorcycle accident case more complicated, but it does not absolve the negligent driver from liability. Therefore, you will need a lawyer on your side who has the skills to address the sophisticated nuances involved in motorcycle accident claims.

A Track Record of Success
Due to the catastrophic injuries that often result from motorcycle accidents, it is crucial that you have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney on your side who can accurately evaluate the value of your claim and help you receive fair compensation for your damages. When you are facing mounting medical bills and time missed from work while you recover, your motorcycle accident can become financially crippling for you and your family. The stakes are too high to trust your case to an inexperienced lawyer.

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